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On the Scales




Before implementing your weight lose plan you should know the following key points to make your plan success.

We do not plan to fail, we fail to plan.


Once you have decided on your goal, choose a plan to follow. Learn as much as you can about that plan and how it works by reading a book, speaking to a Nutrition Coach,or whatever works best for you. Next, prepare to implement your plan. By “prepare to implement” It means do the necessary shopping and food prep, have a backup plan for when you travel or are away from home for a while.

You may start packing a cooler for the day, or keep a meal replacement bar in your purse or briefcase. A plan will give you a map to your goals, and a little weekly and daily planning will ensure you stay on the right path.

Make a Decision and Know Your “Whys”


Regardless of whether you are trying to lose 10 pounds, 100 pounds, become a fitness model, build wealth, or achieve any other worthy goal you need to start by making a defining decision to achieve your goal. Make your decision, write it down, and then list all of the reasons why that goal is important to you. This simple exercise alone will significantly improve your odds of success in any endeavor.


These steps will teach you to work smarter, not harder, in order to reach your goals. Read more

Get Clear about what Optimal Health & Fitness means to you.

This has to do with visualization. Think about it, write it down; visualize it every day. What will your life be like when you reach your goal? How will you look? How will you feel? How will other people react to you differently? What activities will you participate in that you do not right now? This exercise will help you bring your vision into reality.

Take your Measurements.

When beginning your program, take some baseline measurements. Record your weight. Then measure your chest, waist and hips with a tape measure. Get your body composition measured (% body fat) if you can. Go by more than just the scales to track your progress, and you will feel good about your results! You will likely begin to have more energy, fewer cravings, your clothes may begin to feel looser, and you may start looking and feeling leaner before the scales budge. It’s all progress!

Protein Bars

Not all Meal Replacements are created alike!  Some bars are nothing more than glorified candy bars. Read more

Every BODY is different

While the BASIC physiological principles do apply to everyone, you should respect your individuality. Just as your individual goals and challenges vary, so will your results. It’s all Okay—you can still achieve your goals, one meal, one exercise, and one day at a time. We all have different challenges, schedules, slightly different physiological histories, health challenges, dieting and exercise histories. Do not compare your results to that of someone else. Focus on your plan, your results and what works for you. If you need help, ASK for it. Sometimes just a small adjustment will make all the difference.

Know Your Sleep Number!

You likely already know how many hours of sleep you need each night to start your day fully rested and alert. You wouldn’t expect your cell phone to make it through an entire day without a full charge, and you shouldn’t expect that of your body! When you are sleep deprived your body considers that as stress and will respond accordingly. You will tend to retain water, and your body will produce a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone the body produces in response to stress, and its job is to put the body into protective mode when it senses danger. Cortisol encourages cravings and fat storage. Getting a full night of sleep is very beneficial in supporting your weight loss goals. While you are sleeping your body is repairing itself and producing hormones which support weight loss and healthy metabolism.

Get Moving

We tend to blame the obesity epidemic on what we are eating. The change in our activity level due to the changes in our lifestyle habits over the last 100 years is largely ignored. Before we had cars, computers, TVs, remote control, washing machines and dryers, etc., etc.

Colleagues at Work

people are busy in their daily life spending most of their time in job and outside. Read more

we used to move a whole lot more, burn a lot more calories, and exercise was just naturally part of our routine. Now we have to “schedule” it. So get off the couch, out from behind your computer, or out of your car and go take a walk, ride a bike or go to the gym! You will find you have more energy and feel better almost immediately, and it will support your weight loss efforts!

Clean out Your Kitchen Pantry & Refrigerator

Enough said. If it isn’t there you won’t eat it. Get rid of, donate or give away all those processed and refined foods that you don’t need to eat! Get rid of “trigger foods” that you know you find tempting and will tend to over-consume. They may have too many calories, or too much fat for a single serving to satisfy you. If you have picked a program or plan, get rid of the foods that are not on it. If you have others in your family not willing to give them up, at least keep these foods to a minimum and out of site! Stock up on healthful and nutritious foods that support your health and your new eating plan!

Weigh & Measure your Foods until you get the Portions Right!

When you are starting a new program it is important to make certain your food portions are accurate and correct. It is recommend that you purchase a food scale. Weigh and measure your foods for the first two weeks to make sure your portions are correct. Very soon you will be able to ‘eye ball’ the right portions. It is helpful to measure your foods again periodically to make sure they are still correct. Consider the scales a learning tool and you won’t need to use them all of the time after you get the hang of it.

Have a Back-up Plan

Pack Protein Rich Snack Foods. Stash them in your briefcase, purse, car, or at your office. Often when you are on the go it is difficult to find foods that are protein rich and don’t have too many refined carbohydrates or unhealthy fats.

Outdoor Workout

There are two things that you must do to lose weight and one of those we have already covered pretty extensively. Read more

If your goal is to keep your nutrient ratios in line and eat the highest quality of foods, then your best option is to plan for the unexpected. Always have some protein rich snacks, protein bars or meal replacement shakes available for the unexpected, or the times when you can’t prepare.


Enjoy your meals

It should be no surprise to anyone that a meal consumed in a stressful or hurried manner is not digested and metabolized the same as a meal eaten in a peaceful and relaxed environment. Take time to enjoy your meals and savor every delicious bite (and every bite SHOULD be delicious!). Enjoy your meals in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by people and experiences you enjoy. Not only will your body metabolize your food better, but you will feel more satisfied and nourished by the experience.


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