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There are lot of things you should do to lose weight, similarly you should not do the following Don'ts to get better result.        

Don’t Ever Eat anything that you do not like or truly enjoy!

Don’t waste calories by eating something think you “should” eat, or feel guilty because you think you ate something you “shouldn’t”. Make the healthiest choice from the most nutritious and highest quality foods available to you. You can skip the diet substitutes, artificial sweeteners, and any other food that you do not like, that does not genuinely satisfy you, or that you do not enjoy. We have so many delicious food options and so long and you make your choices from high quality foods, and keep your nutrient ratios and portions in line you should never “have to” eat anything you do not enjoy.

Don’t do your food shopping on an empty stomach

Going to the grocery store hungry is a big mistake! This sets you up for over-buying and purchasing “less than ideal” food choices. And if you show up at home hungry with a car load of food, you’ll have a difficult time putting all that food away without consuming a large portion of it, not at a meal, that you would not have intended. Beware of both coupons and sales; they often for encourage the purchase of processed foods and cereals that come in a box or other packaging. Typically packaged and processed foods do not support optimal health and nutrition and have a lot of other ingredients that you do not need to put in your body!

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Do NOT Skip Breakfast


You’ve probably heard that children who eat breakfast do better in school. People who eat breakfast also lose weight more easily. By postponing your first meal of the day you are setting yourself up to over-eat later in the day. People who go all day without eating meals are encouraging their bodies to stay in fat storage mode by depriving themselves all day long, only to find themselves ‘starving’ in the evening. When this happens and you consume all your calories at once, your body has to store what it cannot use. Therefore, begin your day by eating a balanced meal within an hour of waking up to kick start your metabolism and give your brain and your body the energy it needs to work efficiently.

Don’t Be Tricked because the package says it’s All Natural

Just because the package says it’s all natural doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. Don’t be deceived by replacing junk food with higher quality junk food. It is frequently noticed customers shopping in the healthier stores who are just substituting a more expensive, higher quality junk food for a less expensive one. Even if chips and cookies or pizza are “all natural” they may not be the best choice. Remember, packaged foods are likely very calorie dense with a lot of carbohydrates and or fats and not enough protein to keep blood sugar stable and portions in control.


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Don't take diet drinks

There have been recent studies correlating the consumption of diet drinks with an INCREASED likelihood of obesity. Yep, people who consume diet drinks are significantly more likely to be overweight than those that do not consume them. Normally in a restaurant, it was the people with weight problem will order diet sodas, and the ones who were of normal weight order regular sodas if that was what they wanted.


Regular sodas have a lot of sugar in them and we don’t need them. Diet sodas have a ton of artificial sweeteners and chemicals that are toxic to your body, and even the artificial sweeteners cause an insulin response (meaning they are affecting your hunger control and your hormones) even though they do not have calories.


And honestly, they don’t even really taste that great. A reminder, you should be drinking a lot of water and water is the BEST choice to quench your thirst and support your health and weight loss efforts. So, have a glass of water and if you’d like to add some flavor add a lemon or a lime, a strawberry or a slice of cucumber!

Don’t believe that just because it is “Natural” or “herbal” that it is safe, effective or the best choice for promoting optimal health.

The term “Natural” or “All Natural” is not a regulated term and doesn’t mean a whole lot. There are a lot of things that you really don’t need to eat or put in your body that are “All Natural” but don’t support your health. And you need to add “herbal” supplements to your routine with care and awareness, especially if you have health concerns or are taking prescription medications. Herbs can be beneficial however, if you are taking prescription medications you need to be aware that some herbs do not mix well with some prescriptions. Do your research, talk with your pharmacist or doctor when using alternative remedies such as herbs.

Don’t Skip Meals!

Contrary to what you may think, skipping meals does not encourage your body to release fat. Instead, it signals the body to conserve and produces hormones and messages which will encourage you to over-eat at a meal later in the day.

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If by chance you DO miss a meal, be prepared for the following meal may not quite satisfy you. Eat a normal sized meal, and if you are still hungry eat a half meal an hour or two later. This will stabilize your blood sugar and get you back on your plan quickly.

Don’t show up hungry.

A common strategy among dieters is to try to “save up” their calories for a special meal or party. This ends up being counterproductive and actually sets you up to over eat the wrong foods. It is best to show up to a party or special meal NOT hungry. When you do feel ready to eat, you will be more in control of both your portions and your selections. If you do chose to indulge in something that is not on your plan, you will be able to do so with awareness, some moderation, and without guilt. You will find that you actually will enjoy your treat more this way. And remember, celebrations and parties are more about connecting with the people and less about the food.


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